I help founders turn ideas into digital products.

👋🏼 Hi I'm Rafał! I’m a full-stack developer with more than 20 years of experience as a software engineer, CTO and founder. I've built things at scale and have strong technical foundations. But, I'm a designer at heart — I love getting my hands dirty, prototyping and listening to users.

I'm hands-on, curious, and pragmatic. I get things done.

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  • Fractional CTO

    I turn your idea into an MVP you can validate and scale, then... I make myself redundant by helping you build a team.

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  • Consulting

    I also offer consulting services in product development, prototyping, privacy, full-stack/front-end development.

    This can take form of a short consultancy session or a longer contract assignment.

    • “I have this crazy idea [...]. Where do I start?”
    • “Is X even possible?”
    • “I built X, how do I scale it?”
    • “How do I make X privacy-friendly?”
    • “We’re struggling with direction as a team”
    • “We’re moving too slowly”

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  • Team training

    I’m an experienced technical and product lead. I’ve seen teams and ideas grow from small pre-seed startups to large scale-ups. This gives me a unique perspective: I’ve spent 1000s of hours making, witnessing and fixing mistakes you can learn from at a fraction of the cost!

    Areas of expertise:

    • privacy
    • human-centred design (for engineers)
    • pair-programming
    • rapid prototyping

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  • Rafal is knowledgeable, experienced, creative and autonomous. You are lucky when you have the opportunity work with him.
    Mendel Kaelen - Founder & CEO at Wavepaths

    Mendel Kaelen

    Founder & CEO at Wavepaths

  • Rafal's technical expertise as well as his R&D/use-focused mindset made working with him to incorporate Live Video calling on Videoask.com the perfect choice.
    David Okuniev - Co-founder Typeform

    David Okuniev

    Co-founder Typeform

  • Rafal is one of those rare developers who is not only blessed with significant technical knowledge, experience and ability but is also genuinely interested in the disciplines of product discovery and design thinking and has the mind of a creative person (inventive, restless). This means he can get deep under the hood of R&D in a way pure product people or more conventional developers can't. What makes him extra special to work with is that he is humble too and an inspirational and enjoyable person to work alongside. I really hope I get to work with him again. Lucky you if you hire him.
    Julia Owen - CPO Unruly, Co-founder & CPO KareHero

    Julia Owen

    CPO Unruly, Co-founder & CPO KareHero

  • I’ve worked closely with Rafał on a number of projects, and it has always been rewarding. He is smart and inventive - but also thoughtful and conscientious. He has an astonishingly wide range of skills, both soft and hard. For a startup, he’s like a human Swiss army knife. Would very much recommend!
    Michael Kowalski - CPO at OSSA, Head of Product at Tortoise, CEO at Storienteer

    Michael Kowalski

    CPO at OSSA, Head of Product at Tortoise, CEO at Storienteer

  • Rafał is a passionate engineer. He brings a level of enthusiasm and dedication to a project often unmatched. He has attention to detail combined with a product delivery mindset, meaning he builds the things people want. If you have the opportunity include him in your project or team!
    Lewis Moore - Team Lead, Unruly

    Lewis Moore

    Team Lead, Unruly


Got an idea worth building? Feel free to drop me an email at hello@sonnet.io or give me a call at +44 74 55 90 1907.

I offer discounts for businesses focused on social good.

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